This course is an introduction to visual Programming, using Visual Basic. We will be using Visual Basic as the programming tool and language. The course uses a hands-on approach, with minimal lecturing through the online tutorials. Unlike a typical face-to-face course, students will be expected to work in an independent, self-paced manner. Instructor online notes will give an overview of the chapter, and describe the material for each week and programs which are expected to be submitted by the students.

Eng. Abdalfatah Najjar

This course provides an introduction to computer programming by employing an example-based methodology involving animation, sound, graphics, and interactivity.  ActionScript 3.0 is a combination of structured programming and object-oriented programming, and this text exhaustively addresses both types.   As the multimedia language associated with Adobe Animate , ActionScript 3.0 offers a compelling introduction to the world of programming that is powerful and comprehensive enough to provide a complete introduction to all the foundational concepts.

This course is ideal for students interested in learning crucial programming concepts for which technology, arts, and media converge. It is also highly recommended for multimedia programmers, interactive artists, game designers, and innovative web application developers.